T hese binoculars belonged to my husband’s grandmother and were given to her in 1903. They are engraved with initials: the first two I cannot make out, but they are not those of her eventual husband. It says,
_ _ to M. W. -03-”  Lillian would have been 20 years old when she was presented with these.

I think that the mother of pearl casing is evident in the photo–very pretty, don’t you think? They are quite functional even now–they adjust to zoom in quite nicely. It is fun to see treasures like this and imagine where the owner may have used them in their courting days.

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1 Comment on Treasure Chest Thursday 5 Nov 2009

  1. Jenna says:

    These are beautiful binoculars! You can see from my profile I have a set also, although yours are in much better shape. I also notice you have a lot of interest in Missouri and Kansas City. I’ll review your names and see if I have any info. Kansas City is my hometown.

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. I’ve nominated blylines for the Kreative Blogger Award. You may view on my blog.


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